Welcomt to Focus Lighting Electronic Technology Co, Ltd!

Shenzhen FOCUS Lighting Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd began processing, manufacturing,and selling products for high-end brands at domestic and abroad in 2013.

It specializes in LED outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products,it has gradually become an integrated type integrate type in tegrating R&D, production, sales and service.

Lighting companies investing in LED outdoor architectural and landscape lighting fixture control ,optics, heat dissipation and other areas to carry out exploratory research and achieve extraordinary achievements; in recent years in the high-power led Gray ,frequency,thermal optics,control areas to break a lot of technical problems, and accumulate a large number of R&D and manufacturing experience the flagship product has own some domestic and international well-known items, compose national brand glory chapters,year by year extended to the landscape lighting field,in one fell swoop to provide quality products and services for multiple landscape night landscape projects in LED opto-electronics