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China Changde Avenue Road Lighting
China Changde Avenue Road Lighting

A latong city outer ring line, for Changde City Shu jin exhibition bone "Changde Avenue" officially opened to traffic. As an urban main road with the most investment, the most advanced technology and the highest technology content in the history of urban construction in Changde, this two-way six-lane road adopts our LED efficient road lighting system to provide more comfortable and safe travel guarantee for Changde citizens. In addition to better illumination effect and enhanced intelligent dimming function, according to calculation, the 724 LED street lamps on Changde Avenue can save 1.285 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emission by 1.28 million kg and reduce carbon emission by 350,000 kg every year in Changde City if the lighting time of 5000 hours per year is calculated.

The LED type applied:

FCS-SX-A LED Shoe Box Street Series